Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a social mobile application that allows you to find things to do with other people.
How does it work?
Browsing Posts
Once you're all signed up and logged in, the home page defaults to showing you public posts from all over the world. If you want to narrow the search, you have the ability to filter posts by: Once you find a post that catches your eye, let the host know you're interested by hitting the "I'm Interested" button!
Creating Posts
If nothing suits your taste, you can create your own post, gather the people you've confirmed into party chat, and finalize any last minute details before you meet up in IRL!
What platforms are supported and where is available? is currently available on iOS and Android, but currently it's only available to users in the United States. We will open the floodgates to the rest of the world in the near future!
Who has been built for? is for anyone that is looking for a way to spontaneously find things things to do with other people. Whether this is the first app you've tried, or whether you're coming over from another alternative that didn't quite meet the needs you were looking for, this app has been and will continue to be built to meet the needs you have in order to help you get outside more and find things to do with others.
Is it free?
Yes! is free. However, in the near future, there will be some newly added premium features put behind a subscription paywall in order to cover the operating costs of running the app as I am a one-man team, and I'm doing this full-time. Oh, and also so that I don't become homeless :).
How many posts can I have active at once?
Currently, you can only have one active post up. If you want to create another post, you'll have to cancel your existing post And create a new one. This helps keep the feed clean from spam. In the near future, users with a paying subscription will be able to have multiple posts active at once!
Can anyone join my post?
Yes! Currently, all posts are publicly visible, so anyone can let you know they are interested in joining your post. However you get to choose who you want to confirm for your party. In the near future, users will have the option to be able to make posts visible only to their friends if they want.
Can the location for my post be private?
Yes! And only once you've confirmed a user, will they be able to see the location of the event.
What happens to my post and it's party chat after the event has concluded?
All posts are automatically expired (set to inactive and removed) from the public feed 24 hours after their events have concluded. You can also manually cancel the post to stop recieving notifications from people who are still showing interest during that 24-hour window. The party chat will still available for you to go back to if you ever want. But once you cancel the post, or it has expired, nobody, including yourself will be able to send messages in party chat.
Can I edit my post after it's already been created?
Currently, you are only allowed to edit the description after you've created a post. In the near future, users with a paying subscription will be able to fully edit a post after it's been created!
If I gather my party early, will additional users I confirm still be added to the party chat?
Yes! Anyone you confirm after you've already gathered your party will be added to the party chat. No paywall for this!
Can I remove someone after I've already confirmed them and gathered my party?
Yes! Simply find their name in the party chat list or the list of confirmed people and remove them. They will still have access to the party's chat after they've been removed. They just won't be able to send anymore messages or see newer messages.
Can I message anyone/Can anyone message me?
No. In order to be able to message someone, you need to friends with them first. Same goes for anyone trying to message you. You'll have to accept their friend request first!
How can I increase the chances of people wanting to join my posts or of hosts confirming me for their posts?
There's a lot of features coming to that will help you increase the likelihood of someone trusting and wanting to show interest in your post or confirming you for their post. But in the meantime, fully fill out your profile so that others can get a sense of who you are and what your interests are. It's much easier for someone to show interest in a post created by someone with a fully filled out profile vs someone who has the bare minimum or nothing at all. And also don't be shy! Add a profile picture of yourself and some banner pictures that showcase you or your interests!
Where can we leave feedback/vote on the next feature that will be coming to
I am currently working on adding the feedback/feature and voting/bug request feature into the app. But for now any feedback/bug requests can be sent to!