Are you tired of alternatives?

Tired of being forced to create a group just to organize an event? Just for you to be stuck with it? What if you wanted to do something different tomorrow? This restricts your flexibility in the future if you wish to do something else and with different people! Well, no more having to pay $30 dollars a month just to create a group. Finding something to do with someone else should be free!
Tired of posting in event/meetup subreddits for your city just for you to go back and forth between Reddit and another app (WhatsApp, GroupMe, Discord) so you can add people who have shown interest in your post in order to finalize any last minute plans? Well, tire no more! You have a dedicated app for that right here! Not to mention better ways to vet people! Make it yours!
Tired of voicing your concerns about bugs and features not working to the creators of alternative apps just to receive automated responses and no fixes months and even years later? Or to be blindsided by changes that break your user experience that you didn't even ask for? Well, no more of that either! You and the rest of the community will decide the next features that will be added by voting on feature requests so not only do you know what's coming, but you get what you want in order to continue having the best experience you possibly can!
It's pretty simple.

Browse posts

Find what you're interested in by browsing and filtering posts by tags, date, time, location, distance, and visibility.

Show interest

Once you find a post that catches your eye, let the host know you're interested!

Gather your party

As the host, once you've confirmed the people you'd like to have for your event, gather your party into a group chat and set up any last minute details to ensure that everyone is on the same page.